Forwarding & Project cargo logistics is a main activity of the company since its establishment where we have successful records with quite complicated contracts performed.

Based in Hamburg and with excellent close contacts in the port of Antwerp we can offer best services in  forwarding, port handling from oversize machinery and equipment and typical  import and export cargoes to such rarities like essential oils for the cosmetic and wellness industry.

Our services include pre- and on-carriage of conventional cargo and of containers  by truck, rail or barge. We can provide all cargo related services like packing, storage or customs clearance as well.

The activity in Project cargo logistics comprises from pre-carriage by low bed or barge, port handling  to sea carriage of oversize, HEAVY-lift and various project cargoes.

 We have excellent relations with the major H/L owners  and are able to serve our customers from all continents.

 Following are some project cargo contracts we performed: 

  • 150 units mining shields from Mannheim, Germany to Ankara, Turkey

  • Coal washing plant from Antwerp to China

  • Container handling equipment from Antwerp to Montevideo